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The church was founded January 20, 1955. There were 16 charter members and it was organized by Reverend Clint Nuckles, Mr. D. W. Long and Mr. Fred Littlejohn. The first Pastor was Reverend J. M. Huie. The first church administrators were (Clerk) Mrs. Lindsay Calloway, (Deacon) James Bryant, (Deacon) Bill Painter, and (Deacon) Frank Ham.

The name of the church at the time it was founded was New Hope Baptist Church, although one entry refers to New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. The name was changed September 22, 1956 to Lexwin Baptist Church.


There are some entries beginning in September 1956 that refer to the "new church"; it appears that the first services in the new building were held August 18, 1957. First services were scheduled in the building before construction was complete; these services were held in the basement before the ground floor was finished.

Construction was done by Kesler Construction Company. This construction is of the current building, but with a size approximately one-third of the current sanctuary. It had none of the current offices and there was no fellowship hall.

The Church About 1962

Some Historical Pictures of the choir

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Choir - Believed to be in the 1960's
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Choir Approximately 1975
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Our Pastors

J. M. Huie


                        Reverend Huie - 1950's                                Reverend and Mrs Huie

As noted above, Reverend Huie was our first pastor, beginning at the church founding in 1955. Reverend Huie and his wife were active participants in most of the early meetings and services at the church.

Reverend Huie continued as pastor until 1969, always taking part in the activities of the church; he continued to do that even after he was no longer pastor.

Clint M. Branch

Reverend and Mrs. Branch

Reverend Branch was the second pastor at Lexwin Baptist Church. Beginning in 1969, Reverend Branch led the church. He was called to evangelism in 1972, but continued to be well-respected by the church.

Daniel Hauser


             Reverend Hauser (approx. 1973)                              Reverend and Mrs. Hauser and Family

Reverend Hauser became pastor in November of 1972. He continued as pastor until 2007. Danny's is a familiar face to young and mature church members alike. He, his wife Linda

Erick C. Goff


                        Pastor Goff                                              Erick and Mrs. Goff and Family

Erick Goff became pastor in November of 2007. He is very active, being concerned with keeping the traditions of the church as well as meeting the challenges of today's problems. He and his family are in the tradition of all pastors at Lexwin Baptist Church.

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